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The Concert Series was created to collaborate with new and upcoming artists of the surrounding Houston area. These pre-recorded sessions allow the artist to comfortably showcase their original music with a live performance experience. The AV captured from the session will be used to create content for social platforms like Twitch, Instagram, Youtube & more, market/advertise studio services and create playlists for Spotify/Apple Music. This collaboration will in hopes allow for more engagement and discoverability for the artist and the studio. 


  • Original songs only

  • Choose between a 15, 30 or 45 min performance time

  • 5-10 min Artist Interview at Studio

*A few photos of the artist


What You Will Receive:

  • In-house Engineer

  • Access to full studio equipment, this includes: multiple cameras, mics, musical instruments, speakers & more

  • File of your edited performance (free download)

  • File of artist photos with WSCS logo (free download)

  • A highlight of your artistry on our website or social platform 

  • (1) WSCS T-Shirt


What You Can Purchase:

  • File of RAW audio $500

  • File of RAW video performance $350

  • File of RAW photos $250

  • In-house band (audio only) $1050

  • Additional WSCS T-Shirts $30



Any performance royalties received from this collaboration will be split 60/40, between the ARTIST and the STUDIO. However, if you do choose to purchase our In-House band, the split will then update to 40/60 between the ARTIST and the STUDIO. 

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Let's Work Together

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